About Apratim Agro


Atta is a staple in all Indian households, so it's only fair to use the best for our family. That's where we come in; Apratim is a premium quality atta brand that makes your daily consumption of wheat flour healthier, happier and affordable. A better alternative to the good ole wheat flour with no hidden ingredients and high nutritional value. Apratim uses high-quality grain that produces wheat flour which is a-grade in taste and texture. Apratim enables you to increase the nutritional value of your everyday meal. No Roti is ordinary when you select Apratim. Quality golden grains make your phulkas fluffy and your gut happy! The ingredients are carefully selected and processed with precision and hygiene. The process of Atta-making with Apratim is transparent and foolproof.

In this day and age, everyone looks for a quick fix, so our everyday essentials mustn't fall behind. With Apratim, you needn't worry about the cost or consumption because we have got both covered. During these unprecedented times, we must know what we are consuming daily. How often do we check our staples? With Apratim, our goal is to create awareness among people and provide them with the best and nutritious atta. Become a part of the Apratim family because we are a-one!

Founder Note

Ragini Upadhyay and Bhargav Upadhyay are both the brains behind this venture. BhargavUpadhyay has been in the banking sector, while Ragini Upadhyay is a lawyer and a housewife. As a mother, Ragini needed to ensure that her family's diet wasn't compromised due to the pandemic.

Until the lockdown, it didn't occur to us that our wheat flour can be questionable, they said. At a time where we could only focus on the essentials, we came across the nation that most of the people around us had little to no idea about the type of wheat flour they consume.

Sure, there are some game-changers in the market, but how does it help a regular consumer? They envisioned to create a product that met the traditional values while also incorporating the modern lifestyle. They wish to make sure that the process is consistent and transparent. With Apratim's premium quality wheat flour, they wish to help the consumers understand the value of staple wheat flour.

As a new brand, their primary objective is to deliver the best, most premium quality atta to your doorstep. Apratim believes that wheat flour is a basic necessity, so as part of the community, it is crucial to only select the best for our loved ones. They have formulated an atta brand that is reasonable, hygienic and simple. As a family, they intend to grow with each consumer and maintain a healthy and efficient lifestyle through Apratim's premium Atta.